MyEastriding: Council Tax Balance
Council Tax / Business Rates Enquiry

This transaction will allow you to view the balance of your Council Tax or Business Rates account together with the last 6 payments credited to that account.

Please enter your 8 digit account number as shown on the top of your bill then click View Balance.

Account Number:

Further facilities will be made available shortly, but this will only be available after you register with the Government Gateway.

These include:

  • Council TAX and Business Rates Bill Enquiries, bill-payers can query bills on-line and view the breakdown of charges.
  • Benefit Notification Enquiries, claimants can confirm benefit entitlement on-line and see how it was calculated.
  • Council TAX and Business Rates Account Enquiries -account balances and transactions can be viewed on-line, like internet banking.
  • Change of Circumstances Notification - customers can notify changes in circumstances and receive automatic notification if evidence is required.
  • Direct Debit Applications- citizens can complete direct debit mandates on-line for Council Tax and Business Rates.